At the table… BLD’s

There’s a new player in town, and they’re packing a punch… 

They go by the name of BLD’s! Based in Guisborough the venture has been kickstarted by Luke Dean and Tanya Gould, ambitious local budding cooks with a passion for good food and a great idea.

Although relatively new, there has been a great buzz around this new venture on social media over the last month. 

Offering a variety of burgers, fries, chicken strips, sharer deals and more! 

It’s safe to say the boys in the office were excited to try this one!

We were kindly gifted a ‘sharer’ meal from Luke over at BLD’s to be able to provide you with an honest review of their menu.

The meal consisted of; two burgers, a selection of their standard and dorito goujons, loaded fries, loaded nachos and two garlic cheese sauces. Priced at £30.00 as standard.

Easily enough for two this was truly a feast, and boy was it delicious!

Seasoned well, and cooked to perfection the handmade beef patties were amazing. Using meat locally sourced and prepped the same day these are shoulders above catering options presented at local takeaways. The burger itself is served on a brioche bun, complimenting the inferno sauce we opted for with a sweet aftertaste. Garnished well and presented beautifully, we genuinely felt like we were eating something from a restaurant.

Although the burger stole the show they were accompanied by the selection of sides which were all great! Everything was cooked really well, and gave a great amount of variety at a pretty reasonable price.

Safe to say we more than enjoyed the meal, and will certainly be ordering again! 

Luke is due to launch an online ordering platform but for now is taking orders directly through their Facebook business page only. Just search BLD’s.

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